With over twenty years experience in PCB design, I’ve completed designs incorporating the following technologies:

  • FR4 Double-sided Plated Through-Hole
  • FR4 Multilayer
  • Flexible and Flexi-Rigid Designs
  • Buried and Blind Vias
  • Laser Drilled Micro-Vias
  • BGA down to 0.5 mm pitch
  • Radio Frequency (r.f.) layout
  • Impedance Control and Differential Pairs
  • Inch 0201, Metric 0603 surface-mount chip size
  • FR2 Paper Phenol single sided, double-sided, and double sided with Silver-Plated Vias for mass-production consumer goods

Applications for PCBs I’ve designed have included:

  • Portable and Fixed Installation Gas Detection Equipment
  • Control Panels and Systems
  • Intrinsic Safety (IS) Designs to ATEX, IECEx, and UL Certification, for products used in Zone 0 Hazardous Areas
  • IPC Performance Class 3 PCB Assemblies
  • Designs meeting EMC requirements for the Marine Equipment Directive (MED)
  • Designs for Military Applications
  • Designs for Mass-Production Consumer Goods
  • Designs for Research and Development activities
  • R.F., Audio and Analog Television
  • High Voltage and High Current
  • Industrial Robotics

I am always keen to explore new applications and technologies and relish working on ground-breaking designs and new product development.